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Our lawyers have been engaged to advocate and protect the interest of individual or institutional clients with different nationalities in the different legal proceedings before various jurisdictions.

Our Litigation and Dispute Resolutions services include:

  • Analysing and evaluating strong and weak points of the parties in a dispute and advising on resolution strategy;
  • Representing clients in negotiations and dispute resolution with other party(s) before or during the legal proceedings;
  • Acting as authorised representative and/or defending lawyer of clients in the legal actions related to civil/tort, commercial & business, labour and administrative cases;
  •  Advocating for criminal suspected or defending victims’ right and interest in the criminal proceedings. 

Litigation and Dispute Resolutions
Corporate and Commercial
Intellectual Property
Merger and Acquisition
Real Estate and Construction
Banking and Finance
Securities and Capital Markets
Doing business in Vietnam
Intellectual Property in Vietnam
International Registrations
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