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越南知识产权概况 (02/28/2018)

Bross & Partners named and recommended by Managing Intellectual Property IP STARS (11/01/2017)

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Making criminals of pirates and counterfeiters (10/25/2017)
Le Quang Vinh of Bross & Partners examines the substantive changes to criminal law in Vietnam that promise to rein in counterfeiting and piracy
IP News Update
Vietnam: IPR-related Corporate Criminal Liability (10/25/2017)
A newly-updated article on criminal responsibilities for corporates, including in areas of intellectual property contributed by Mr. Le Quang Vinh, senior partner of Bross & Partners, was published on 31 August 2017 by the Apex Asia Media Group (also known as Asia IP informed analysis). The article can be found a separate version from the publication below or access to the link http://www.asiaiplaw.com/article/29/2908/ by making Login or Register to be a subscriber thereof
IP News Update
Comprehensive and systematic understanding on the mechanism for protection and enforcement of copyright and related rights in Vietnam (10/05/2017)
An in-depth analysis by Bross & Partners’ senior partner, Mr. Le Quang Vinh, on the Vietnamese copyright protection and enforcement legal framework including the updates on the new legislation development thereof that will take effect as from January 1, 2018 has been published by the International Comparative Legal Guides, a feature publication of Global Legal Group. Bross & Partners is honored to be selected as one of 24 law firms representing 24 jurisdictions including world-class law firms namely Arnold & Porter Kaye Scholer LLP (US), Bird & Bird LLP (UK), Bereskin & Parr LLP (Canada), LexOrbis (India), Anderson Mōri & Tomotsune (Japan), HOYNG ROKH MONEGIER (Germany).
Some Updates and Comments on IPR-related Corporate Criminal Liability (08/15/2017)
It is striking that the first time in its development history of criminal jurisprudence and legislation, Vietnam accepted and passed the new inclusion of corporate criminal liability regime in the Penal Code of 2015. Although only 31 out of 314 offences subject to corporate criminal liability and amongst these 31 crimes there are 22 belonging to group of perpetrating economic management order including offences for infringing upon copyright, related right (Section 225) and upon industrial property right (Section 226) and 9 committing the environment-related crimes. This article is intended to update and analyze newly-criminalized legal responsibility applicable for corporate but merely relating to offences for contravening copyright, related right and industrial property right.
IP News Update
Understanding Intellectual Property Law of Vietnam in just 10 Minutes (06/26/2017)

Legal updates on IPR Border Protection in Vietnam (04/10/2017)
According to TRIPs, WTO members are required to enact in their national legislations premature prevention mechanism against counterfeit trademarked, pirated copyright goods and/or purportedly infringing goods over intellectual property rights imported into the territory of such member. This provisional remedy is widely known as intellectual property right border control. More particularly, suspension of clearance and/or detection of counterfeit and pirated goods responsible by Customs Authorities under section 51 TRIPs is set out as below:

Members shall, in conformity with the provisions set out below, adopt procedures to enable a right holder, who has valid grounds for suspecting that the importation of counterfeit trademark or pirated copyright goods may take place, to lodge an application in writing with competent authorities, administrative or judicial, for the suspension by the customs authorities of the release into free circulation of such goods. Members may enable such an application to be made in respect of goods which involve other infringements of intellectual property rights, provided that the requirements of this Section are met. Members may also provide for corresponding procedures concerning the suspension by the customs authorities of the release of infringing goods destined for exportation from their territories.

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